Who We Are

The United Community Church is an international, multi-denominational, multi-cultural, independent congregation of people united in faith and service to Jesus Christ. We believe God is the Father Almighty and that Jesus Christ is His one and only Son who died for our sins and was buried and resurrected and that God’s Holy Spirit indwells in all who believe in Him.

Our membership spans the socio-economic spectrum and is comprised of approximately one-third permanent residents and two-thirds persons who have expatriated to Argentina from all corners of the earth. Ours is truly a blended family of faith who desire to worship in English.

Another way we look at UCC is as a “Crossroads Church”. We know that for many of our church families, UCC is only a temporary stop in their life journey. For those who are willing to make UCC their church home, the body of UCC has committed itself to equip them for their next assignment, wherever in the world that might be. We believe that when people go from UCC, they not only take a piece of us with them, but they take as well the love and light of Jesus Christ which they can share with another corner of the world.

Scripture references: 
John 3:16-18
Romans 10:9-11

“I will also make you a light for the Gentiles,
that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.” – Isaiah 49.6