Leadership & Staff


The UCC Board:

The UCC Board (there is no other formal designation) is the governing body of the church.
As we are an independent body, there is no outside source of financial or administrative support.
The UCC Board is appointed by the members of UCC and its responsibilities are clearly stipulated in the Constitution of UCC.










The Pastor:

The UCC Constitution states that the Pastor is responsible for providing spiritual direction and care to the congregation but also functions as the Administrative Head (CEO) of the Church under the supervision of the Board.
The Pastor therefore directs and helps execute all of the Ministries within UCC and oversees the daily operations of the church with the help of the Shared Services Committee and its members. The Pastor also chairs both the Worship and Nominations Committee and is an ex-officio member of all committees and the UCC Board.


In addition, UCC retains on staff a Secretary, a groundskeeper/caretaker, a cleaner and others staff as deemed necessary.

Pastor Werner Swart & his wife, Adél