We call activities that take place within the church “Ministries.”  We call activities that happen outside the church “Missions.”  The Ministries are organised by Committees, and the Missions are organised by a separate single committee.
We use the church’s Vision Statement to organise the ministry areas into the following committees:

We seek to be a Community of Christians… Fellowship
We Come together to Celebrate God… Worship
We Care for one another… Congregational Care & Prayer
We are Committed to growing in Christ… Christian Education
We Carry His Gospel to the world… Missions

In addition we also focus on ministering to different interest groups like Men, Women, Youth and Senior Citizens. 


The Fellowship Committee of UCC is responsible for identifying, creating and implementing opportunities for the UCC family to grow together through fellowship by recreation, sharing of meals, and special occasion gatherings.  In addition to its own ministry offerings, the Fellowship Committee supports other church ministries such as Missions/Outreach, Christian Education, Worship and Congregational Care, when needed.


UCC’s Christ centered worship service is a blend of music, prayer, scripture and message. Because of the diversity of our worshipers, our music consists of contemporary praise music as well as traditional hymns. Worship may also include drama, special music, a children’s moment, and puppet theater to enrich the service. UCC offers Holy Communion on the first Sunday of every month. Throughout the year we celebrate seasonal worship services including Passover (Seder Meal), Good Friday Service, Easter Sunday Celebration and a Christmas Eve Service of Candles and Carols.

The Worship Committee of UCC, chaired by with the Pastor, is responsible for planning and implementing all aspects of UCC’s worship ministry with the goal of giving glory to God and encouraging worshipers on their own spiritual journey.
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Christian Education

Christian Education is one of the most important aspects of Church life at UCC.
We believe that discipling people to become mature followers of Jesus Christ is not only a commission from our Lord Jesus (Matthew 28:19), but is essential for making an impact in our world on a daily basis.
Since this is such a vital component of what we do at UCC, the Pastor and other Pastoral Staff directly oversees Christian Education together with the Chair of the Committee.
The Christian Education Committee of UCC is responsible for planning and implementing all aspects of the Christian Education Ministry at UCC.
They coordinate and help organise different Sunday School classes for adults, youth and children and also other programs such as the Annual Vacation Bible School.

Congregational Care & Prayer

The Congregational Care Committee of UCC is responsible for addressing the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the UCC family and works alongside the pastoral staff, providing lay support in the effort to see that the needs of all members of the UCC family are being addressed.  The committee initiates and oversees activities and programs that promote caring interaction between many varied members of the congregation.  The committee endeavours to provide sustainable ways for the members of the church family to take care of each other like and includes hospital visits, help with transportation, visits to shut ins and providing meals.
An active Prayer Chain supports the congregational Care Committee in praying for those in need.
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Interest Groups

Men’s Breakfast and Bible Study

Every month men from UCC and the community gather together to enjoy a time of fellowship but also study the Bible together with regards to what God expects of men.

WOW Women

Throughout the year the women from UCC get together for different activities ranging from Bible Studies to Women’s teas as well as Conferences in order to minister to the needs of women in the congregation and elsewhere.

Silver Circle

The Silver Circle Committee seeks to minister to the specific needs of the Senior Citizens at UCC. This includes excursion, special lunches and frail care assistance.


ALLOY (All Our Youth) is a ministry thats started many years ago as an initiative to minister to the expat youth of the region. ALLOY gathers at UCC every Friday Evening in addition to other activities.  


Shared Services

The Shared Services Committee of UCC is a group of Christian Leaders who work together to serve in the areas of Staff Relations, Buildings and Grounds and Finances. This group works with the pastoral staff to provide continuity of administration and day-to-day operations of the church.

Buildings and Grounds: This committee assumes responsibility for the oversight of the UCC facilities, including church buildings and grounds and parsonage.

Finances and Stewardship: The elected Treasurer of the UCC Board develops an annual budget for the church in collaboration with the pastor and the ministry areas of the church and oversees the annual giving campaign. Our emphasis is a commitment to God using all of our resources: time – talent – treasure. Financial statements of the church are audited annually. 

UCC USA Foundation: US tax payers may donate dollars to UCC through the UCC USA Foundation if they want tax deductibility for their gifts.